About Me


I'm Jacob Hipps— my passion is to design and create awesome software and automation tools. The range of genres for my projects have thus far been an eclectic mix— from a OpenGL-based 3D engine as one of my first large C projects, a network communications driver for MC Protocol over TCP/IP (the only open-source one that I'm aware of!), reverse-engineering the .fpl file format for foobar2000 and writing a parser for it — and many other fun projects.

I'm currently employed with a web hosting company, but the majority of my experience lies in the manufacturing industry as an industrial controls & automation engineer, where I had the opportunity to write software to communicate with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and use the captured data to generate shift production reports and enable near-real-time monitoring & reporting. I did many other maintenance/troubleshooting-related things, but the ability to combine my passion for writing software with my knowledge of automation controls was awesome.

The list below enumerates a short-list of my favorite programming languages and technologies— these are languages and tools where I have moderate to high proficiency and can utilize comfortably:

  • Programming & Scripting Languages
    • PHP
    • C/C++
    • Javascript / Node.js
    • Python
    • Bash
    • HTML & CSS
  • Database Systems
    • MongoDB
    • mySQL/MariaDB
    • Redis
    • PostgreSQL
  • Web Server-related Daemons & Tools
    • Nginx
    • Apache
    • BIND9/rdns/named
    • APF, CSF/LFD, fail2ban, iptables
    • Fabric, Ansible
  • Virtualization
    • Xen 4.4
    • Virtuozzo/OpenVZ
  • Industrial Automation Technologies
    • Allen-Bradley SLC 500, ControlLogix 5000 series PLCs
    • AB PanelView and ProcessView HMIs
    • Mitsubishi MELSEC F-series & Q-series PLCs
    • Mitsubishi GOT1xxx/2xxx-series HMIs
    • AB, Mitsubishi, ABB, & Rexroth VFD and servo drives


Send me an email — jacob‌@‌ycnrg.org
Twitter — @ycnrg
IRC — tetrisfrog on Rizon

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