2004 builds

Aug 19, 2004
Aug 28, 2004 - quad viewports
Oct 18, 2004 - orthographic viewports & and picker interfaces, inspired by UnrealEd 2

2005 builds - lightmap/raytrace testing

Dec 04, 2005
Dec 04, 2005

2006 builds - bfeditor

bfeditor showing an imported environment designed in Lightwave

2006 builds - realtime lighting w/ lightmaps

Realtime hardware lighting support combined with raytraced lightmaps. First screenshot shows the Edit Light and Actor Window dialogs, also akin to their analogues in UnrealEd 2. These show the test scene I created in Lightwave to test lighting collision and shadow effects.


Designing test environment in LightWave Modeler 8.0. The lwo objects are then parsed by bfconv and converted into texture and vertex data that is used by bluefire.

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